My bad attitude

Ever since I was very young, I always had a very bad attitude. I was always angry, I fought with my sisters, I stole, started drinking at 12, I was the family rebel. I tried my best to be home as little as possible. I loved my mom and I hated feeling that I couldn’t spend time with her at home. There was a evil spirit that lived in our home, my “father”. I put that in quotations because I’ve never actually looked at him as my father. Yeah I had to smile and bull shit on Father’s Day, but I hated him. I remember hating him from a very young age. It was because of him that I grew up to fast, and that I didn’t get to have a happy home growing up. Now don’t get me wrong I’m 27 now and lord knows I still have a bad attitude, but when you grow up with so much hate in your heart it’s hard to get rid of it all…

One thought on “My bad attitude

  1. Baby sister it breaks my heart that I had no idea about what you were going through as a kid. I hate him even more as I reply to your post. So many children grow up in unhappy homes, you would think you are protected by a parent but they betray you in an explainable way. I honestly believed I was the only one, I thought by not saying anything to stop him that I was protecting my younger sisters. I’m sorry I couldn’t save you and I’m sorry it’s been over 10 years since we last really spoke about it. Thank you for participating in this blog. I want to be there for you in anyway that I can. Continue to be strong, I love you so much.


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