Every day I pray….

Everyday I pray. I give thanks for yet another day. I also pray that maybe this day will be different. That I won’t think about what happen, that nothing will trigger a memory. That maybe for a day I could be a happy mom. A fulfilled partner. That I won’t slowly sink into my depression of all the negative things that surround me. That I won’t let all the anger and frustration that’s been bottled up , finally burst! I pray, for forgiveness and strength. Strength to over come the demons inside of me. I pray, for wisdom. Wisdom to understand the things that I , in this moment can’t. Finally, I pray, for all those like me to one day find peace and finally be happy.

One thought on “Every day I pray….

  1. Continue to pray and have faith, only I am a hypocrite to say that, I can not pray because I have been angry with God or Jesus or whatever, no disrespect… my triggers are the worst and I completely understand about being afraid for one to happen “literally out of no where”. I learned to talk with others about my triggers and trust my painful thoughts with my partner, my mom, my friends and family. Their support to just listen as I cry away the pain is soothing and helpful. I use to feel ashamed as if I would be judged. Now, I’m not afraid to talk. Your are stronger than you know, I promise you, you will get through this.

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