The fear continues

After my mom left my dad, she had a hard time paying for daycare. 3 kids in daycare is very pricey. She sent the 3 of us to Mexico to stay with her family. This is when the fear continues in my life. Her family treated us like shit. We were their slaves. They said we had to be grateful to them because my mother forgot about us and wasn’t sending any for us.

We had to get up and feed the animals, then cook breakfast for the family (we were 7,5,3). Once they ate, we ate whatever was leftover. Before we went to school we had to clean the house. We couldn’t walk in with our shoes and if they dirtied the floor, we had to walk behind them and clean it up. This was a year of hell. One night my uncle came home drunk. Everyone was sleeping but I woke up cause I heard my sister trying to scream. I woke up and seen he was on top of her and holding her mouth shut with his hands. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife, I stabbed him and he screamed which woke everyone else. He said I wanted to kill him but didn’t mention why. I got dragged to the kitchen and had my hands burned. All I wanted to do was save my sister from getting hurt.

At the end this was how we leave the whole year there. We met our neighbor who tried to help us with food and clean clothes every day on our way to school. On our last day of school we got home and when we got home our routine changed. They were sitting by the door and said, “why are you taking off your shoes, don’t be silly come right in.” As we walk in, my mother sits in a chair waiting for us. Instead of being excited I felt hate because of everything we went through and yelled at her, how could you do this to us. She had proof of the money she sent every 2 weeks. That went we told her everything and she was furious with her family.

She was there to pick us up and bring us back home. This is the when my life got worst.

The story continues, sorry it’s long and in short pieces. Don’t want to make it long and get you bored. It’s just the steps that let to my fear coming true.

One thought on “The fear continues

  1. Lorenzo, you were so young and so brave to stab that man who was hurting your sister. I can’t even imagine what you dealt with in that one year away from your mother. It’s so sad how selfish people are especially grown adults to use and abuse innocent children. It breaks my heart how helpless all three of you were. I know how it feels to grow up so fast, to miss out in being a kid at a very young age. I’m so happy we connected the way we did. Thank you for sharing.

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